Yhudeimy Sanchez

Hi, my name is Yhudeimy Sanchez or as everybody calls me Yudi. I grew up in Havana, Cuba and Graduated with an Accounting degree. I moved to the States in 2007 and worked 9 years for Canon. In 2016 I was offered the opportunity of becoming a bilingual Agent for Villanueva Agency LTD. and I love it! The chance to help people to understand Insurance and how important is in our lives is priceless, to protect what matters the most to them, with professionalism and respect.

Commitment, consistency, dependability and loyalty are some of my values to my clients and my co-workers. I am committed to my clients always advising what is best for them, working constantly to improve myself in knowledge, to provide a vast selection of options. I am able to go the extra mile for all my clients. Once I become your Agent, I will not stop until I satisfy all your needs.

After work, I am a loving Mom, Wife and Daughter. Who enjoys nature, books, food and good movies. Between projects, homework and studying. Keeping a balance after 20 years of marriage with my husband that supports me in every way. Also taking care of my mom since I brought her to live with us a couple years ago. We wanted for her to enjoy all the opportunities our family are having.